Our Services

Since forming in 2011, the Penn State SCNO chapter has completed over 50 client engagements within State College. Our goal is to find clients with needs that allow our members to work on meaningful projects. The areas listed below are common types of projects that SCNO has worked on in the past (our projects are not limited to the areas listed below).


  • Process management and improvement

  • Defining standard operating procedures

  • Event planning and execution


  • Social media analysis and improvement

  • Increasing presence of your organization at Penn State

  • Increasing presence of your organization in State College


  • Grant identification and approval

  • Financial planning and analysis

  • Fundraiser planning and execution


  • Website implementation and SEO

  • Establishing an online presence

  • Fit-gap analysis of current state technology

We are not considering potential clients for the 2019-2020 academic year at this time

If you'd like to be considered for a potential partnership in the future, please reach out! We respond to most communication within 24 hours. If you're interested in learning more about our services, please e-mail us at PSUSCNO@gmail.com with the subject line "SCNO Service Inquiry"

Engagement timeline:

SCNO's engagements this year run from the mid-October 2019 until the middle of April 2020. Before each engagement, our consultants develop basic soft and hard skills through classroom training that prepare them to work with their clients. The education component consists of both internal case competitions and corporate-led workshops. 


Engagement scope:

We are open to any type of project, but focus on finding a mutual fit between organizations with needs that match our students' skills. As a business club, we generally favor engagements with a business-relevant scope. 

Previous clients include...

"So many of our agencies do not have the financial ability to hire development directors, marketing, or other business related staff. Having SCNO members develop systems that will maximize productivity or increase awareness of services is a valuable asset to our agencies."

Megan Evans, communications director for Centre County United Way

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