Penn State's SCNO chapter is composed of roughly 35 selected students coming from diverse academic backgrounds that are passionate about social impact and professional development. SCNO is open to all PSU students and provides members with real-world consulting experience, leadership development, and the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the State College community.

Members who join SCNO are expected to attend our weekly meetings on Monday from 7:30pm-8:30pm. Meetings include trainings, corporate events, and project workshops. Our trainings focus on exposing students to careers in consulting and preparing students to pursue the career of their choice. Members are also expected to meet with their project teams and clients every one to two weeks throughout the duration of the project (October 2019 - April 2020).

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Where are common placements for SCNO alumni?

"SCNO gives students valuable, real-world experience. This is the perfect solution for Smeal students to use their business knowledge to help others, while improving the nonprofit community."

Katie Wrieden, Founder of PSU SCNO

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